FLink Integration Platform orchestrates interactions and communication between different servers and applications and provides real-time visibility and control about strategic business processes. The grafical user interface allows to adapt business processes to a technical level without the need of programming a single line of code. Predefined connectors and operators hide the technical details and can be used to build fully automated workflows. A runtime component ensures high performance and flexibility when deploying the designed interfaces and workflows into production.

Fields of Application

How our Customers use FLink Integration Platform

Every company faces challenging tasks of data migration, data exchange with different systems or data extraction. The purposes behind those tasks can be various, like

  • deliver data to your Data Warehouse (ETL)
  • data exchange with partners or customers
  • data migration to a new core system

FLink was built to cover reoccurring tasks like this and to cope with changing system environments and business requirements. It is a complete development environment for your IT team, supporting multiple users, versioning, deployment process, real time monitoring and much more.

Data sources, data formats, data transformation

What all these tasks have in common is the necessity to read from different sources and to write to different targets, with various data transformations on the way.

Using FLink Integration Platform eliminates the need to do extensive individual programming. It offers a vast amount of different data sources, data sinks and data formats to access your business data. And you can make use of a variety of operator packages to transform your data in any way. All of this is bundled within a graphical user interface application, the FLink Designer.

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Build once, deploy anywhere

Different Keysets for different environments

All your team members run FLink Designer to develop your workflows. These workflows will be stored centrally on FLink Team Server. Deploy your workflows as FLink Service to be run and tested on any of your test or productive environment. FLink supports different Keysets for every environments to decouple business logic from technical configuration. Design interfaces and workflows and test them locally. Use the same development and deploy it to a test environment or to your productive environment with ease.

FLink Architecture