Large scale Data Extraction

FRAMETEXX announces that is has successfully finished the support of its largest T24 Data Extraction Project until the date in cooperation with Capgemini Limited in the middle east region.

As part of the Records Management and Unified Information Governance strategy, a large bank in the middle east chose to safeguard the historical information from its large legacy systems such as T24 in a safe immutable governance platform to protect itself from audit, legal and compliance obligations. The programme had multiple complexities such as extracting information, building a safe data vault, designing hundreds of data visualisation reports and dashboards. Capgemini and FRAMETEXX entered a highly collaborative partnership to execute this programme resulting in efficient task allocation, optimised data extraction, and faster project execution. The mutual collaboration between both companies enabled the timely completion of the bank’s IT & business commitments and resulted in substantial cost savings.

“For the FRAMETEXX Team, this has been our largest data extraction project until date. The difference to the usual T24 data extraction projects was that all T24 tables from a multi-company environment needed to be extracted and archived. We really achieved this goal in time and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. This success is due to the excellent cooperation with the Capgemini Team during the entire project as well as to the use of the DataBridge.“ Rainer Weiss, Managing Director of FRAMETEXX, says.

“We assessed several market solutions that enable faster data extraction from large legacy systems like T24 with limited success. After thorough research, we found DataBridge from FRAMETEXX, the most suitable and flexible solution for our purpose of large scale extraction (i.e. 8TB). With DataBridge, we could extract a massive volume of information faster and in a meaningful manner. The utilisation of DataBridge reduced the time to go live while keeping our cost of extraction lower.”, Says Kathiravan Manoharan, Head of Insights & Data Practice FSI ASIA for Capgemini.