Operational Data Store (ODS) Upgrade Project

FRAMETEXX accompanied and successfully supported one of their long-term clients as part of a T24 Upgrade and closely related Operational Data Store (ODS) Upgrade Project.
The client brought FRAMETEXX experts on board to ensure that the new T24 Release would work with FLink, DataBridge and Beehive and that all components of FRAMETEXX’s software portfolio would be adapted accordingly.

The upgrade of the existing installation from T24 R17 to R20 had been planned by the client in detail and due to the long-standing use of FRAMETEXX software FLink Integration Platform, DataBridge and Beehive the client took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest versions. For the integration of the services the client benefits a lot from the provider’s latest product improvements, which allow highest flexibility for triggering specific extraction tasks at different times during the COB. Additionally, an optimization of the Beehive ODS engine results in an enormous time-saving during staging process. The entire integration flow is covered by FLink workflows. In the course of the project also a switch from TAFC to TAFJ has been realized.

FRAMETEXX joined the project with qualified migration support services, which included the analysis of the existing FLink environment, the migration of DataBridge Classic to DataBridge Direct, adaptation of Beehive as well as Training and Project Communication.