Beehive 3 – Impressive performance boost for load processing

National Bank of Malawi decided to upgrade its Beehive License to the new Beehive 3 release.

Blantyre, Malawi / Hamburg, Germany, July 2012 – FRAMETEXX GmbH, the provider of IT-Solutions in the TEMENOS T24™ environment, announced that National Bank of Malawi has successfully implemented the new release of the FLink Beehive Module.

Beehive 3 offers the bank various improvements for managing the operational data store (ODS) in terms of performance, stability, maintenance and administration. The key to improved performance is an optimized strategy how historical data is calculated in the final ODS stage. The bank also benefits from enhancement of data management of GDP tables, as well as considerable improvement of the monitoring process for operating the Beehive process.

National Bank of Malawi achieves with Beehive 3 a significant decrease of loading time in the staging areas:

Staging areas No. of Records Duration Beehive 2 Duration Beehive 3
IMP ~ 22 Mill 18 minutes 12 minutes
STG ~ 13 Mill 25 minutes 10 minutes
GDP ~ 13 Mill 110 minutes 15 minutes

During a two-weeks onsite visit at the bank’s premises in Blantyre, FRAMETEXX GmbH supported the project team of National Bank of Malawi in setting up the Beehive 3 environment for test and productive system as well as in testing the reporting system. FRAMETEXX also introduced the bank’s IT members into the enhanced monitoring functionalities, Beehive 3 provides, and gave some further recommendation how to optimize the loading times of data.

National Bank of Malawi is a financial services company, based in Malawi. It was listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange in August 2000 with a total of 450,000,000 ordinary shares.