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AS PrivatBank implements FLink Interfacing

AS PrivatBank Latvia plans to realize major interfaces between their T24 Core Banking System and 3rd party systems with FLink Integration Platform. During a 2-days Proof-of-Concept onsite at the bank in Riga, FRAMETEXX presented how efficient the software performs and met the expectations of the bank’s Team.

The bank and FRAMETEXX signed Contract recently, both Teams are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

Banque Raiffeisen Luxembourg

We welcome Banque Raiffeisen Luxembourg as our client and are proud to announce that the bank has chosen FLink DataBridge Direct (Snapshot/near-realtime).

After successful proof of concept, onsite at the bank in Luxembourg, Banque Raiffeisen and FRAMETEXX recently signed Contract.

FLink Product Suite is live at Citadele Banka Latvia

Major Latvian Bank realizes interfacing and data extraction with FLink and DataBridge

Riga, Latvia, September 2017 – Citadele Banka Latvia, member of Citadele Group, a full-service financial group for both private individuals and companies, successfully went live with FRAMETEXX’s product suite for interfacing and data extraction in September 2017.

Prior to the product launch itself, Citadele Banka and FRAMETEXX scheduled a two months pilot phase. Within this phase the Teams collaborated very closely to compile all possible fields of application of FLink product suite. The most important task was to identify how Citadele Banka’s requirements in interface development and data extraction could be eased and sped up by the FLink products.

Andrejs Nollendorfs, IT Projects Manager and T24 Expert at Citadele Banka says, “The result of this compilation phase was more than satisfying. We detected that we considerably benefit from applying the complete FLink product suite. We decided for FLink Interfacing and for the DataBridge. With FLink Interfacing we have a great solution to develop and build our interfaces. The DataBridge gives us more flexibility and significantly increases the T24 data extraction speed, compared to our previous solution .“

Citadele Banka was able to reschedule their extraction process from T24. The performance of the DataBridge allows to run the data extraction directly during the COB, so that post processing and data uploads to the DWH can be started as early as possible. Another major enhancements is that the extraction workflow is especially adapted to their multi-company environment structure.

The first interfaces to exchange collateral and enterprise valuation data between external systems and T24 have already been developed and successfully deployed into production.

“We thank FRAMETEXX for a perfectly organized FLink implementation. They provided very qualified and high level support during all phases of this project“ Andrejs Nollendorfs says.

Cooperation between FRAMETEXX and Reportum in essential T24 project

FRAMETEXX and Reportum, a Wolters Kluwer company, just signed an agreement to cooperate in an essential Temenos T24™ project at a Latvian bank. This strategical partnership will provide the customer the most efficient solution for data extraction available on the market.

FRAMETEXX’s DataBridge will extract the customer’s data out of the Temenos T24™ R14 system and feed the regulatory reporting system provided by Reportum. Project start is expected to be in October 2016.

The installation process of the DataBridge will be performed by FRAMETEXX Consultants on-site in Latvia during the first week. After successful installation and basic setup, FRAMETEXX supports the bank in fine tuning and finalization of DataBridge’s configuration.

DataBridge delivered for HP on Serbian market

The DataBridge enables HP Serbia to extract data from TEMENOS T24™ in order to feed HP’S BI-System. The software is fully integrated in pre- and post processing by using FLink’s workflow components for database, file and event connectors. Data for DB2 and MSSQL databases are extracted and loaded for multiple banks. ‘We are pleased that FRAMETEXX can help HP to replace their actual solution for data extraction by our DataBridge Module. The customer requested a solution that provides a short time to market in combination with high flexibility in the licensing model. This is exactly what we offer and deliver.’ says Olaf Kramer, Managing Director of FRAMETEXX. The DataBridge also met HP’s high performance criteria and set new standards for speed and performance by installing a multiple server architecture. This cuts the overall runtime for data extraction and normalization in half.

DataBridge on the Microfinance market in Africa

The necessity for BI-Systems has already arrived on the micro-finance market. The amount of banks and financial institutions in Africa that want to put a BI-System of their choice in place is increasing considerably. FRAMETEXX supports Opportunity International in Uganda to do so. By installing the DataBridge Module, the bank is now able to extract and to convert data from TEMENOS T24™ to a relational database. Due to the possibility to access the core data from the landing zone with SQL queries, the data can now easily be aggregated to provide it for the management dashboards. For Opportunity International, the DataBridge is a big step in-between. It is easy to implement and to run and it offers highest flexibility, even for smaller banks in the market.

FLink integration platform goes live at Aizkraukles Banka Latvia

Successful system integration: FLink orchestrates the data flow between Temenos T24™ and the bank’s payment system using its excellent ISO8583:1993 connectivity.

Riga, Latvia / Hamburg, Germany, April 2008 – FRAMETEXX GmbH, the provider of IT-Solutions in the T24  environment, announced that Aizkraukles Banka (AB.LV), a modern european bank for private business in Latvia, had a successful „GoLive“ with FLink on 31st March. FLink, FRAMETEXX`s integration platform for connecting T24 to external systems, guarantees the AB.LV an online and offline connection between their T24 system and their payment card system Cortex based on ISO 8583:1993. This T24-Cortex Interface receives a large number of various Payment Card transactions for the AB.LV via online connection, encodes them, produces T24 transactions and sendsback the result  to the Cortex system.

Established in 1993 as a bank that offers its clients high-class service of banking practice in Latvia, the AB.LV is now a bank for private business. Rolands Citajevs, CIO and Member of the Board, says: „We met representatives of FRAMETEXX at a fair in Bangkok in June last year. At that time we were looking for a reliable integration platform to connect our Cortex system, DWH and another systems in an efficient way to our T24 core banking system. Referring to this, the products of FRAMETEXX exceeded all our expectations.“

In a „proof of concept“, FRAMETEXX succeeded against all its competitors. After  installation and successful tests the AB.LV even signed a contract to be „Strategic Partner“ of FRAMETEXX, meaning that the bank enables FRAMETEXX to invite their potential customers to Riga and let them have an impression about how FLink works in practice.

Rolands Citajevs adds: “Because of the fact that we are convinced of the product we want to give other banks the opportunity to experience it in real. We are interested in development of FLink technology which really has great potential and will be happy to share our success with other banks“.

This successful „GoLive“ in Riga – configuring 6 complex interfaces  (Cortex, DWH etc.) took just 4 months, including analysis and user acceptance test. Rolands Citajevs lauded the whole process and the work of the company:

„FRAMETEXX delivered a firm and reliable product. Furthermore, it was a professional way of cooperation. The communication between our bank and FRAMETEXX has always been constructive and goal-oriented so that the project took place faster than we thought. I expect to reduce our costs of maintenance, because with FLink we are in a position not only to reduce the number of interfaces but also to simplify them and to make them more transparent. We are glad that we have choosen FRAMETEXX as a partner and FLink with all its components. I am a happy customer!“

The AB.LV builds several interfaces with FLink and plans to increase the number of interfaces, handled by FLink, in the near future. FLink is designed to suite the needs of any financial institution.